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Conserve Premix

Conserve Premix :

This is a packaged Ready-mix concrete compound manufactured by batching, to a strong mix ratio. Hence, it can be delivered to a work site by truck. The Premix Concrete itself is a mixture of Portland cement, and aggregates comprising sand and crushed granite stone. Water can be added on site when the required cast is ready. Conserve Premix can be stored properly, away from splash water or rain water when not ready to use.

Product Details :

Name - Conserve Premix N25

Weight - 25 Kilograms

Colour - Natural products and can be subject to colour variations.

Volume - 0.011 m³

Usage :

  • Non-structural purpose concrete

  • Suitable for home, office and site use.

Directions :

  1. Prior use, empty content into a sizeable mix pad.

  2. Turn mix content, as settlement of aggregate may have taken place on transit.

  3. Slowly add clean water, approx. 2.5 litres/bag until required consistency/ slump.

  4. Use within 10 minutes of adding water for optimal results.

Strength :

  • Compressive Strength = Approx. 25 N/mm² @ 28 days at 36°C temperature application.

Storage :

  • Store in a dry place away from adverse temperatures and the Elements.

  • Dispose packaging appropriately after use.

Health Issues :

  • Serious damage when in contact with the eyes.

  • May cause serious skin irritation when wet concrete is in contact with the skin

  • Cement powder is degerous to health when inhaled.

  • May produce allergic reations.

Safety :

  • Avoid contact with eye when using

  • Avoid contact with the skin when in use.

  • Avoid inhaling cement dust.

  • Use appropriate safety apparel when in use.

  • When in contact with the eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

  • For any adverse reaction seek medical attention.

  • Keep out of the reach of children.

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